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Glass Globe Wall Sconce Industrial Single Suspender Wall Lighting 8" Wide- Black/Chrome/Gold
I really like these lights but we can’t figure out the lightbulb needed! I’ve never seen it before and my hardware store doesn’t recognize it either. Any advice/help. So if it is this difficult to get a lightbulb for this light then that’s a problem. I saw it takes a standard base bulb E12 /E14 but I also saw E26/E27...these do NOT fit. Please help!!!
8-Light Hanging Ceiling Lights Lodge Wood and Iron Rope Pendant Hanging Lights in Black for Coffee Shop
Bought this light for a basement that will have a medieval flair. The light looked good in the pictures on the website and it looked even better when it arrived. The light uses real wood and metal, not plastic! The instructions won't really be helpful as they are very high level and don't describe how to assemble the light step by step. I am just very happy with the materials used and the design of the light! It is a very unique design and the cost was very low.
Pulley 3 Head Billiard Light in Balck Barn Shade with Wire Guard for Pool Table Kitchen Island
I ordered this light to mount over our pool table in our bar area. It fits perfectly with the style and them and gives a soft glow to the room in general if you don't want the overhead lights on as well as just enough extra lighting above the table itself. I also like that the bulb is 'caged' in so to speak so if there was a pool ball that took a crazy jump, I don't have to worry about glass shattering.
Loft Dome Shape 3 Light LED Multi Light Pendant in Black Finish
Just 2day I recvd this fixture. Before ordering, I questioned which measurements are correct, the diagram or specs list. Was told the diagram #s are all correct. That basically true except bottom globe is NOT 10" but abt 8". Fixture looks as pictured -- globes satiny flat blk w/ bright white under side. It really cute for my use as replacement of pots n pans beneath metal twig designed potrack tht hangs ovr kitchen breakfast counter. While I would have preferred slightly wider n deeper globes, it stil a vry eye-catchng personal creation of pot rack w/ light guaranteed not seen elsewhere! Shipping also jst abt as described -- 10 wk days frm ship date. by WrknetSanFran
Industrial Gooseneck 1 Light Wall Sconce in Black for Stairs Hallway Balcony Farmhouse
Love my lights! Simple and elegant,easy to install, very happy
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