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Do all orders need to be verified?

Thriving over years, Beautifulhalo has become a specialized and experienced e-commerce group with well-deserved reputation, specializing in fashion casual clothing and home lighting . At Beautifulhalo, the mission our staff always bear in mind is to persue the satisfaction of all customers worldwide. The concept of providing customers with exquisite apparel of high quality but low price has been pushing us forward. We can assure you that the dresses we made follow the trend, with classic fabric and meticulous tailoring.
Products and Service
The products we provide can be roughly divided into two types, custom-made products and non custom-made products. Of custom-made products, there mainly are various custom-made apparel (Special Occasion Dresses), custom-made accessories. Of non custom-made products,there are Women’s Shoes, Accessories and Clothing. On website, you can enjoy a wide selection of commodities as you wish without any anxiety about the products’ quality. We can meet all your need for fashionable design and fit tailoring exactly based on your figure. Due to the large number of products and the differences in craftsmanship because of the different characteristics of various products, the processing time and raw material that different products need differ as well. Thus, please understand that there might be slight disparity in delivery time. For your convenience, please read the content below carefully to reduce or avoid any unnecessary troubles concerning your order.
When a customer place an order and complete the payment successfully, whether the order is of custom-made products or not, we will decide if the order needs to be verified based on the information that the customer provides and our company’s relevant rules and regulations. If the order needs to be verified, our customer service staff will contact you immediately and hope you can cooperate kindly. Only when we have confirmed that all information of the order is complete and valid will we put the order into processing procedures, exactly complying with the requests of your order. Our Quality Control Team will have the finished product inspected through strict quality control procedures before we send out. In order to successfully get the product you wished, please submit correct and complete information to ensure the validity of your order.
Valid Order
What information does a valid order need? Answer is offered below.
1.Accurate shipping address and post code. The shipping address should state the country your parcel shipped to and the specific address of the recipient(detailing the house number, street and the city).
2.Correct phone number of the recipient. (the full name and the valid phone number of the recipient are needed)
3. For custom-made products, specific requests of color and precise size(such as the size of bust, waist, hips and height) or accurate text contents are indispensable for a valid order.
Orders need to be verified
If the information of the order that customer submit is incomplete or incorrect, our customer service staff need to verify the order by calling or sending an email to the customer for checking the relevant information. Under the circumstances of following two types, the order shall be verified.
1. Shipping Address and Contact Information
If customers pay to choose a customized size for a dress, we will provide considerate service and accurate tailoring according to your specific size(please note that you can customized the color and size of the shown product but can not change the style of product itself), our customer service staff will call you to inquire your specific size(such as bust, waist, hips, skirt length and height, etc.). We will process the product exactly according to the specific sizes that customers provide.
The shipping address is incomplete or unspecific(shipping address without post code, house number, street address, Province/State or country).
The shipping address is Military Address(such as F.P.O., APO, PO.Boxes address).
The destination country of your package is Russia.(The name and address of your company is needed because the private address in Russia cannot delivered.)
The destination country of your package is Brazil.(The 11-digit CPF is the must-have information for customers from Brazil as your custom needs it.)
The information of the order lacks the recipient’s phone number.
The phone number of the recipient is obviously incorrect or invalid(such as the number is less than normal).
2.Products of the Order
Apparel of Standard Size
When the color of the clothes you ordered is comparatively complex(including the colors of fabric, applique or embroidery embellishments), with no less than 2 colors, we need to confirm your requirement of the color.
Apparel of Customized Size
As long as the customer chooses the customized size for a dress, our customer service staff will provide considerate service by calling the customer to inquire the specific measurements and some other requests at length.
①When the color of the clothes you ordered is comparatively complex(including the colors of fabric, applique or embroidery embellishments), with no less than 2 colors, we will confirm your requirement of the color.
② When your order an dress of customized size, we will contact you to get more information of your height and the height of your high heels, for the purpose of making a perfect dress that fitting your figure.
③If the clothes you ordered is not a strapless one(clothes with sleeves, shoulders or jackets), we will contact you to further confirm the information(such as the width of your shoulder, arm hole or your arm length) you provide.
④ When the statistics you provide is evidently unnatural(for example, the height of an adult is shorter than normal standard by a large margin), our customer service staff need to confirm the specific size with you.
1. When you have placed an online order on our website, we might need to check some relevant information of your order. Sometimes our custom service staff can not get in touch with you immediately through the contact information that you provide, consequently putting off the time of verifying the order. The time of order verification is excluded from the total delivery time, but its delay may result in the delay of the product’s processing time or delivery time.
2.  When the order have been confirmed with you, the product will be put into strict processing procedures. If you have any need to change the information of your order, please notice following content.
It is not advisable to change the information when your order have been verified.One reason is that we need time to verify your new order for the changed information, which will postpone your receiving the parcel. The other reason is that you may have to pay for the cost of purchasing raw material and processing fees of the product as the original order has been put into processing procedures already.
If you have to change the information of the order, please contact and inform our customer service staff as soon as possible. We shall reconfirm a new delivery date with you if some information of your order has been altered. The cost of purchasing raw material and processing fees of the product in the original order should be paid by the customer. Once an agreement has been reached, we will process the order exactly according to the requirements of your new order.
In order to save you any troubles and any unnecessary loss, please submit the incorrect and complete information or requirements when you placing an order on our website.
3. If the order needs to be verified, please kindly cooperate with our customer service staff to finish the order verification, otherwise the processing of the product may be detained. Any consequent loss that is not caused by quality problem or our fault is beyond the limits of compensation that we are responsible for.
Thank you for your support and cooperation. Wish you have a pleasant shopping on our website.
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