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Cool Logo Printed Cosplay Costume One Button Halloween Green Cape Coat
Esta muy bien hecho pero para poner el boton es muy dificil porque el agujero es muy pequeño. Pero estoy satisfecha!
Trendy Letter Dynamite Print Drawstring Kangaroo Pocket Long Sleeve Loose Fit Hoodie
I Really like this hoodie! it's comfy to wear, and It came true to my size
Lovely Cartoon Cat Ear Long Sleeve STITCH Letter Pattern Cropped Hoodie
great quality!!! a bit tight, go for the next size up. Considering Chinese New Year, it took a bout half a month to get here.
Chic Rainbow Striped Print Long Sleeve Button Front Loose Fit Cropped Polo Shirt
It looks extremely cut and I am going to give this item five stars. I was filling out some info because I was debating buying this and then I randomly hit enter and now it’s coming and I am scared. I haven’t come out to my parents yet so.... hopefully it arrives quickly so I won’t be so nervous. I am now terrified that I won’t be home when i5 gets here and my parents will open it and get upset for so many reasons. Anyways I am very nervous for when this comes but can’t wait to wear it. Fingers crossed I will be there to get it before my parents find it. Wish me luck. Also I don’t know how to cancel my order.
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