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BeautifulHalo Reward Points Terms

Welcome to our Reward Points Program page. The Reward Points Program is subject to the following Program-Specific Terms:

Ⅰ. Program-Specific Membership Benefits & Restrictions has been up and running for 5 years since founded in 2008. Over last 5 years, we have been serving customers all over the world. Our system discovered that customers are coming back for a second or a third purchase because of fine product quality and good customer service. In order to reward returning customers, has developed this Reward Points Program. Enrollment in the Reward Points Program is effective after registration at and is totally free. And has also developed several simple and easy approaches for you to get Reward Points.To help get as many Reward Points and save as much money as you can, has even developed a guide. We highly suggest that you get Reward Points through the approaches we listed for you, any attempt of fraud may lead to deduction of the Reward Points or deactivation of the account.

Reward Points

There are several simple and easy approaches to get Reward Points, such as: registration, punching card, reviewing products, sharing products and product reviews to social network like Facebook and Pinterest and purchasing on, click here to view details. To help you make the most of this wonderful program and get as many points as you can, has even developed a guide. Click here to view details.

Due to different situations of different approaches, the amount and the giving time of the Reward Points may vary.


- Reward Points are eligible towards all orders. There is only one condition, reward points can only cover as much as 20% of the subtotal.

- Reward Points are not awarded for purchases paid for in their entirety with Reward Points. The balance of a Purchase paid for in part with Rewards Points is eligible to earn Reward Points on the portion of the balance not paid for with Reward Points. Full Reward Points will be issued if the order is paid without any Reward Points.

- Reward Points will be deducted entirely if our system spots any abnormity of Reward Points. Accounts may be deactivated if the situation runs out of control.

- There is an expiration date for Reward Points, click here to view details. Please rest assured that the expiration date is set to be long enough to use it on future purchases.

- Reward Points awarded are rounded down to the nearest cent.

Ⅱ. Reward Points Balance

Members can check their Reward Points balance in their account at any time by logging in to the My Account page and clicking on My Reward Points. is not liable for any failure, delay, or error in crediting Reward Points to an account. Our staff will manually check and right the wrongs if any abnormity occurs. Each Member is responsible for any and all activity occurring in or through his/her account, including the redemption of Reward Points, whether or not the activity was authorized. Please rest assured there will be records on file for you to look into if your Reward Points are used without being authorized. There is an expiration date for Reward Points, click here to view details. Please rest assured that the expiration date is set to be long enough to use it on future purchases.

Ⅲ. Expiration

In order to avoid malicious activity of getting points in improper approaches, we have set an expiration date for Reward Points. Please rest assured that the expiration date is set to be long enough to use it on future purchases. An email will be sent to you whenever Reward Points have been sent to your account. An email will also be sent to you a month before your Reward Points’ expiration date. So that you will get a clear idea of when you get your points and when the points expire.

If a Member does not make a Purchase or use his/her Rewards before the Expiration Date, any expired Rewards will be automatically deducted from his/her Rewards Points Balance.

We cleared out all the points achieved in previous year in all accounts on July 1st every year.

When I get the pointsWhen points expirePeriod of Validity
1st, Jan. 2014 – 30th, Jun. 20141st, Jul. 201512 – 18 months
The period of validity will be 12-18 months if the points are obtained in the first half year.
1st, Jul. 2014 – 31st, Dec. 20141st, Jul. 20156 – 12 months
The period of validity will be 6-12 months if the points are obtained in the second half year.

Ⅳ. Redemption of Reward Points sincerely hope every customer can save with Reward Points in every purchase. You can always log back in to your account and check the balance of your Reward Points, which can help you decide what to purchase and maximum your interest.

Reward Points will automatically become available towards the next eligible purchase on There will be a distinct section on checkout page for you to redeem your Reward Points. Just enter the amount of the points you want to redeem on the order and click “Apply”. Click here to see detailed steps of redeeming Reward Points.

Ⅴ. Non-Withdrawal, Non-Transferability and Non-Aggregation

To ensure a safety environment, has come up with following terms towards Reward Points. Reward Points cannot be withdrew. Reward Points and any other right or obligation may not be transferred, assigned, sold, traded, or bartered by any member or any other person without prior written consent of Any attempt to do any of the aforementioned shall be rendered null and void. In addition, the Reward Points Balance is for the member's personal use only. Members may not aggregate Reward Points from multiple accounts or use Reward Points for the purpose of purchasing products from on behalf of others or for the purpose of reselling such products to others.

Ⅵ. Program Period

This Program will continue until terminated, suspended, modified, or converted to another Reward Points Program by You will be informed by email if this program is somehow modified.

Ⅶ. Questions?

Email us at if you have any further questions.

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